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Less Expensive Hybrids Still Not Really A Feasible Solution For All Individuals

by on Oct.24, 2011, under Automotive

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Hybrid cars happened to be researched for years before they were ever offered to the general public. Throughout the world companies were assessing hybrids, including various branches of the armed forces from the United States. Hybrids are still an alternative even though some drivers don’t want to lose their large cars.

There are now more substantial hybrids, such as the Tahoe by Chevrolet and the Yukon by GMC, because of the demands of consumers. Because of the high cost of these hybrids, the majority of auto buyers are unable to purchase them. There are plenty of people who would probably love to own their own hybrid, but monetarily speaking, a fuel-efficient vehicle is out of the question. Even with the incentives offered by the government to get people to invest in a hybrid, it is nonetheless a purchase most people can’t afford. A number of hybrids are in such high demand that there are lengthy waiting lists, but this is happening because manufacturers are only making a very small number of these vehicles. With the increasing demand for hybrids, the automobile companies may ultimately produce greater numbers of them.

Automobile buyers fret that fuel costs will continue to be high indefinitely and they see hybrid vehicles as the best option. We have seen some stories that supplies needed for making a quality hybrid are in short supply. Dysprosium, a rare element located in China, is needed to create the electric motors in the hybrids. This is additionally utilized in the propulsion process for the batteries and since the Chinese control the supply of this, they are making it difficult for others to obtain. Due to the fact they have electronic items they export and sell, they want to keep their supplies for themselves. The necessity of finding another element to employ causes scientists to devote massive amounts of time doing research. Unlike a good number of people’s expectations, hybrid cars look generally the same as their traditional fuel-based counterparts.

If you are searching to learn more, there are some terrific hybrids to select from, and the internet can show you a complete list. Based on the model you need, you can plan on spending between $27,000 and $64,000 for a new hybrid vehicle. The Honda Civic is among the best-selling hybrids, being not only extremely fuel-efficient, but also a compact car that is comfortable and stylish. On the highway, it should get 45 miles to the gallon, and in town, only 40, and this will only get better with advancement in technology. Even though the substantial cost is a negative, overall it is a wise use of your money.

People seem to prefer the Nissan Altima which is certainly a stylish hybrid that more people are able to afford. Hybrids really are getting better on a continual basis. At this point it is a question of getting the price downwards where it is more reasonably priced for the typical driver.

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Importance of Hybrid Cars

by on Nov.28, 2010, under Uncategorized

In today’s time, oil prices are soaring high that is why we need to think of alternatives on how to save more on fuel consumption and using a hybrid car is one of these alternatives.

There are actually a lot of advantages that come with the use of hybrid cars. Unlike driving a traditional car, driving a hybrid car is an eco friendly solution to the high price of gasoline today. Hybrid cars are specifically designed to efficiently manage the fuel consumption of a car thus making the owner save more on fuel expenses and contribute to the welfare of our environment both at the same time.

One good reason for us to use hybrid car is that it reduces our dependency on fuel consumption. With hybrid cars, we no longer need to fill up our gas tanks with too much fuel.
Another advantage of hybrid cars is that they are easier to maintain not to mention that they are also cheap to maintain.

Since hybrid cars use advanced technology, this enables the car itself to reduce wear and tear especially on the engine thus prolonging the life of the car.

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An Overview Of Hybrid Cars

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Cars

Hybrid cars are the latest innovations of the automobile world. They’ve received rave reviews ever since their debut and have captured the attention of people around the globe. Their environment friendly facets have made them particularly popular with environmentalists and nature enthusiasts. The fact that they’re very economical as well; makes them a assured fave of the common man.

While most cars run on a single source of energy, hybrid cars could use two different energy sources. This gives you the option of switching between energy sources. Most of the cars in the present day scenario make use of gasoline or gas as the source of energy. Hybrid cars, on the contrary, make use of electricity as well as gasoline for functioning. Cars that use solar energy along with other sources of energy are also in the process of development.

Since hybrid sources make use of alternative source of energy, they prove to be quite economical. The cause of the same being that gasoline is quite expensive. You can use the saved money for enrolling yourself in a good yoga class.

The economical advantages of hybrid cars extend to making them eco friendly vehicles too. It is a known fact that vehicles that run on gasoline emit damaging substances in the air. This subsequently boosts the level of air pollution to a substantial extent. Hybrid cars, however, don’t pose any such threat to the environment.

Another great advantage of having a hybrid is the fact that it is more fuel efficient. These cars are frequently fitted with amazingly light engines and thus, the all round weight of the car is also noticeably reduced. So, the car requires much less fuel than its counterparts, to run. The Hybrids also operate on aerodynamic models and this helps in cutting the consumption of fuel even further. As a consequence, you save on a lot of money.

While hybrid cars have various advantages to offer, they have their own downsides too. One of the most notable flaws of these cars is that they are quite expensive. So, you would need quite a sum before you can own one of these. Even though these cars are quite costly, the extra amount you pay can be compensated for eventually, in the form of savings.

The correct upkeep of these cars is also very important. Since they’re recent additions to the automobile markets, you may have some difficulty locating a service center to service your car. The upkeep problems may make it hard for you to sustain the car in the long run though. However, with the increasing popularity of these cars, you will find more service centers for the same cropping up everywhere. So, upkeep isn’t actually a concern with a hybrid.

So, now that you are well informed about the benefits and disadvantages of hybrid cars, you could make your decision to go ahead with the purchase or not.

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Life Cycle Of Hybrid Cars

by on Jun.05, 2010, under Cars

While hybrid cars have become the talk of the car enthusiasts around the globe, their life cycle has not been properly analyzed. Car enthusiasts, critics and experts analyze two main points of hybrid cars: their fuel efficiency and their life cycle. The first can be easily tackled as a hybrid car is more fuel efficient then a conventional car. Estimating the life cycle of hybrid cars is an unresolved issue. The reason is quite simple; hybrid car technology is very new and green. The earliest production model hybrid car is the Toyota Prius and it only came in the market eight years ago. Other cars from major car makers have also joined the hybrid car line up, but it is too early to analyze their life cycle.

The life cycle of hybrid cars depends on the technology used; whether the car is a full hybrid or a mild hybrid. A full hybrid utilizes the electric motor power to deliver power at low speed, like in city driving. At a higher speed, the petrol engine kicks in and takes over. It is like employing a different power source when cruising.

The electric motor battery is used when the car is driving at a low speed, while the batteries get recharged at high speed by the petrol engine and by regenerated braking power. In mild hybrid cars both the power sources, electric and petrol are used simultaneously. The batteries of the electric motor are recharged by the petrol engine and regenerated braking power.

According to a Lifecycle analysis of gas, hybrid and electric cars done by Sam Abuelsamid, the battery powered cars are more energy intensive to build than gas or hybrid cars. The primary reason for this is the cost of producing the batteries.

One of the major things that people want to know about hybrid cars is their life cycle. The major source of power in the hybrid cars is it battery, therefore, you need to know about the type of batteries available and their positive and negative aspects. The life cycle of hybrid cars partially depends upon the lifecycle of its batteries.

The costs of the battery in a hybrid car are a major part of its premium. There are many types of batteries available to be used for the hybrid cars; however, you will have to select the one which is most suitable for you. The most common types of batteries used in a hybrid car are Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, and Zinc/Silver. These three types are beneficial for the high energy applications.

The factors to consider while measuring the life cycle of a hybrid car are like that of any other conventional car. For example, the time period for which the car is deemed to be road worthy, while taking into account its cost of maintenance; the running costs of the car i.e. maintenance, fuel consumption, road tax, etc.; and its parts replacement. Any car owner knows that a car needs replacement of its necessary parts after a certain mileage. These range from plugs to filters to gaskets, piston rings and major engine overhauls.

Thus, the life cycle of the hybrid cars is generally increased by installing new batteries. However, the biggest barrier in the hybrid cars is its high price, which has a greater part of the cost of the batteries used. Therefore, may be in near future, the price of these cars will become reasonable so that they can be bought by more people.

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Introducing The Hybrid Car. Know All The Power Behind These Fantastic Motors

by on Jun.04, 2010, under electric cars

A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) brings together a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) with an electric power propulsion system. The presence of the electrical powertrain is supposed to accomplish either much better fuel overall economy when compared to a conventional motor vehicle, or better performance. Many different kinds of HEV can be found, and also the degree to which they function as EVs can vary too. The most common model is a hybrid electric powered car, even though vans (pickups and tractors) also can be found.

Current Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEVs take advantage of efficiency-improving engineering like regenerative braking, which converts the vehicle’s kinetic power into battery-replenishing electric energy, rather than totally wasting it in the form of heat energy the way standard brakes perform. Some kinds of HEVs make use of their internal combustion engine to create electricity by means of spinning an electrical generator (this particular combination is termed a motor-generator), in order to both boost the batteries or directly power the electrical drive motors.

Many HEVs decrease idle emissions as a result of shutting down the ICE at idle and restarting it as needed; it is known as a start-stop system. A hybrid-electric generates reduced emissions from the ICE than a comparably-sized gasoline car or truck, as an HEV’s gasoline engine is usually less space-consuming than the pure fossil-fuel car or truck, and if not utilized to directly drive the vehicle, can be geared to run at highest effectiveness, additionally increasing fuel economy.

Ferdinand Porsche in 1900 created the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid, the very first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in the world, even though the hybrid never took off until the middle of the 1990s. It is possible to get a kit which in turn can be used to transfer nearly all motors to hybrid fuel power. The PHEV kit is really the only product on the market which can be fitted on to the Toyota Prius Gens 1, 2 and 3 (1997-2010 editions) along with other brand names including Ford Escape, Fusion and Honda Insight, and that has been mass produced and sent out to the world market as a result of its highly developed technology and simple structure / components.

The product seems to have derived remarkable attention internationally and been distributed to a lot of states in the states and also to various other developed countries for example The british isles, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Korea and Japan.

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